EU bans sale of all animal-tested cosmetics

EU bans sale of all animal-tested cosmetics (13th March, 2013)

* Summary

Production of cosmetics where animals were used to develop was always a hot issue, especially between animal rights campaigners and cosmetics companies. However, EU declared that buying animal-tested cosmetics would be no longer possible. It banned cosmetics which used animals for their experiments! Even though this seems very righteous and ethical decision considering animals’ rights, there also existed strong opponent opinion and resistance from cosmetics company and few people insisting on the same argument with them. The people opposing EU’s decision claimed that if animal testing stops, Europe’s companies would fall behind and European consumers would not get chances to use new products.

* Opinion

I chose this article because it is related to both of my passions which are cosmetics and animals. Besides, this issue was what I have been really interested in from about 10 years ago. When I was in an elementary school as a 3rd grader, I first knew that lots-actually most-of cosmetics companies used innocent animals for their experiments. That really, I mean really shocked me because that times when I was so young I could not understand how humans can torture and kill animals for their needs when there are alternative measures. Even now, though 11 years have passed and I know that it is the best way for companies,  modern science, and humans’ safety , I totally agree with the EU’s decision to ban sale of all animal-tested cosmetics. It is because first, I don’t know exactly what they are but I heard there are other ways to test if the cosmetics are no harm to human, and second I still feel it is immoral and unrighteous to harm poor animals. If we think in a different way, I believe others too will agree with the thought. Lets imagine if there is an another species that is much more intelligent and powerful compared to humankind. Then, they will use us for their experiments or whatever that are for their needs as humans do to animals. Can you imagine how that would be? How painful and cruel that would be to us and our family!

* Related Link

I know that eating animals is inevitable for our nutritional problem and due to natural cycle in earth. However, if there are alternative ways enough to cover the problem, I believe humans should seriously go over and change our minds. Therefore, some pictures that were really impressive came to my mind, which let me think from animals’ side that they are eaten, tortured, and used for experiments by human. However, before clicking the link, I seriously warn not to enter the link because pictures can be too disgusting and cruel for some people. This is the link which includes pictures of clay can, sausage, and food made of human imagining what would happen if the earth was not controlled by human. I just wanted to consider animals’ position being used like that and try harder to protect their rights.

Also, this is a video telling that animal testing doesn’t even satisfies humans’ needs! It says that there is no single evidence supporting animal testing is beneficial and effective. Because humans and animals are so different, though some cosmetics or drugs resulted safe to animals, it could be lethal to humans. Therefore, it can be said that animal testing is good for nothing! Then why should be torture the poor animals? In the last, the video tells four ways to stop the animal testing so take a look and please take those things in mind if you feel the same as I do. I wrote down the steps below.

01. Support the European Initiative STOP VIVISECTION. Sign and collect signatures.

02. Many popular charities use donations to fund animal teseting. DON’T SUPPORT THEM.

03. Take action in the political, social, medical fields and make medical research change.

04. In many countries students have to right to REFUSE TO VIVISECT ANIMALS. What about your country?

* Vocab and expressions

Tonio Borg, the EU’s commissioner for health, said the ban, “gives an important signal on the value that Europe attaches to animal welfare”.

Commissioner (noun)an important official in a government department or other organization.

Korean Equivalent : 위원

Synonyms : agent, administrator, magistrate

Antonyms : Can’t think of relevant ones 😦

Personal sentence : Today he is the European trade commissioner.

He added the work for animal rights activists was not over.

Activist (noun) : a person who works to bring about political or social changes by campaigning in public or working for an organization.

Korean Equivalent : 운동가

Synonyms : dissident, militant

Antonyms : Not found

Personal sentence : When I think of an activist, Gandhi comes to my mind. He was an peaceful activist fighting for his nation’s and people’s rights.



  1. Peter Daley · 3월 28, 2015

    Thanks Ji-eun, I can tell you’re really passionate about this issue. Well done, and thank you for the warning about the graphic photos.

    Liked by 1명

  2. jiseon · 5월 23, 2015

    I agree with EU’s determination 🙂


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