3 Cruel Exotic Animal Attractions You Won’t Believe Exist Right Here in the U.S.

3 Cruel Exotic Animal Attractions You Won’t Believe Exist Right Here in the U.S. (March 24, 2015)

* Summary

Reading down the first part, I thought this article might introduce and recommend really exemplary animal attractions because it said it is animal lovers’ dream to interact with wild animals closely. However, right after that, the writer points out that because of the people’s pure hope, illegal animal exhibitors capture poor wildlife animals and make attractions to earn money. What is important is that there are lots of cruel problems going on in the animal attractions. Those animals are usually captured from their natural habitat as babies and sent to such cruel environment that human made. What is more unbelievable is, that unlike the fact that many people would believe this kind or cruel deed happens in other parts of the world, it is true that there are also cruel animal attractions in the U.S and the writer picks three kinds of attractions and criticizes. First is ‘roadside animal attractions’ where personal animal exhibitors show animals around their shops or wherever they tend to attract people. Second is ‘Canned Trophy Hunts’ which is a cruel sport that most people associate with exotic safaris that take place in Africa. The last one is ‘Photo-Ops With Big Catswhere offer visitors the chance to pose with exotic animals, including big cats that are epitome of wild animal exploitation.

* Opinion

Although I am the one who always hope and dream to interact with wild animals close enough so we can communicate, I always worry about their conditions where they are living in. For example, there is a representative animal attraction named ‘Ever Land’ in Korea where lots of people visit and see many kinds of animals including exotic ones. I also have visited there for more than 20 times from when I was really young. At that time, I could not feel that they might one to be in their natural habitat and escape, but now I imagine what it would be like to be seperated from my home. However, the Ever Land is not an illegal animal attractions and they always show people how they treat animals and living conditions, but many attractions don’t like the three examples the writer introduced. I strongly disagree and think they should be punished by states and laws, but the problem would be budget and people’s interest toward it. Therefore, it is the reason why I post this small writing to let as many people as possible to have a look at the issue. Also, as the writer says just by refusing tickets to see captive animals you can change the situation, I hope other people too have more interest on poor animals and do what their hearts says to do.

* Vocab and Expressions

Elephant trekking excursions and interactive tiger attractions are the go-to stops on trips to Thailand, offering tourists the chance to experience animals up close and personal.

Excursion (noun) : You can refer to a short journey as an excursion, especially if it is made for pleasure or enjoyment.

Korean Equivalent : 여행

Synonyms : cruise, expedition, jaunt

Antonym : not found

Personal Sentence : I went excursion with my friends in last year’s summer vacation and it was such a good experience.

During this process, they’re starved and beaten until they become submissive to humans.

Submissive (noun) : If you are submissive, you obey someone without arguing.

Korean Equivalent : 순종적인

Synonyms : accommodating, dutiful, meek

Antonyms : disobedient, immodest

Personal Sentence : Don’t judge people’s feelings just because they seem to be submissive.


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