Shine on: Metallic make-up is hot this spring

Shine on: Metallic make-up is hot this spring (Apr 12, 2015)

* Summary

It is a style news from ‘Life&Style’ category of Sunday Express, and a beauty editor named Amy Packer wrote it. She says metallic make-up is one of hot trends of this spring, so go ahead and try them on your faces (if you are interested in make-up). According to her, because metallic color suits for every skin complexion from a palest English woman to one with more sultry complexion. However, there are some tips that you will have to keep in mind when you try the metallic make-up. First, perhaps it was a model on a catwalk where you first noticed metallic make-up that glimmers and shines all over their eyes to the brows. Nevertheless,  you don’t have to follow the model’s make-up since metallic color can somewhat stands out too much. Therefore, be careful not to put the metals all over your face, it is several touches on your lips, cheeks, or eyes that you need for the metallic make-up. Also, keeping the balance is important. Choosing nude, matt shades for the eyes when you’re trying a metallic make-up for the first time or sheer, creamy lip colors on the occasions when you have chosen for a high-shine eye. In the end, the editor recommends some real metallic items that you can buy and try on.

* Opinion

Even though when it comes to ‘metallic make-up’ it sounds like it could be too heavy or excessive, it is true that many women use the cosmetics for their daily make-up. Even for me, a golden metallic eye shadow named ‘Dress Code’ of ARITAUM is my favorite daily eye make-up. It gives an evident point to my eyes with few touches! However, since my skin complexion is somewhat pale and white, I have to be careful not to be look like a model on a catwalk 😉 Except that, I mean the daily make-up, metallic make-up is perfect for days when you want to feel more special and beautiful. Maybe hanging out with new friends, changing surroundings, or whenever you feel down. Also about the editor’s recommendation, I really want to try ‘Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in Indiscretion’ if I can get it!

* Vocab and Expressions

I’m not talking mountains of Quality Street, rather an abundance of hot metal make-up, which glints gorgeously in spring sunshine and takes on richer tones once the colour is back in your cheeks a little later in the season.

Glint (verb) : If something glints, it produces or reflects a quick flash of light.

Korean Equivalent : 반짝거리다

Synonyms : gleam, twinkle, glimmer

Antonym : dullness

Personal Sentence : When you put an eye shadow that glints pretty much, putting a matt and nude eye shadow as a base can make it look more shiny.

Meanwhile, the models at House of Holland, Ashish and Anna Sui were sent down the catwalks with peepers that seriously sparkled – it really helped to open them up and added a seductive glimmer.

Seductive (noun) : Something that is seductive is very attractive or makes you want to do something that you would not otherwise do.

Korean Equivalent : 매혹적인

Synonyms : attractive, captivating, charming

Antonyms : disenchanting, unattractive, repellent

Personal Sentence :  Trying metallic make-up especially on eyes will make you look more seductive.


One comment

  1. Jenny Yoo · 5월 9, 2015

    Hey, thanks for sharing such an eye-catching article. I love the spring make-up and it is great to know this year’s trend beforehand 😉 Maybe I should try to wear metalic color suits and the make up 😀


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