Snail Slime In Skincare: Do You Support The Use?

Snail Slime In Skincare: Do You Support The Use? (July 2, 2012)

* Summary

It is an article from a beauty blog named ‘Viva Woman’ which is not so positive of snail cream boom in cosmetics market especially in Korea. According to the article, it is a new revolution of skincare ingredient from Korea to use snail slime as cosmetics ingredient. First it appeared to be in one of the major BB cream brands; but now it created its own line of products to achieve good complexions. (Compound Sentence) The writer says she’s skeptical about its usage and efficacy because of two reasons.

First, the snail slime benefit claims are not proven. It is supposed to soothe, regenerate and heal skin, and best for preventing acne and premature aging; however, it says that scientists have yet to confirm all these claims. (Compound Sentence)

Second, the process of extracting mucus from the snails is inhumane. The writer reveals that she is against animal cruelty. The way of obtaining snail slime is not exactly described and explained, it only says it is ‘mechanically stressed’ to encourage slime secretion from the snails. Therefore, it may be animal cruelty to distress great amounts of snails.


My opinion towards the snail cream is kind of similar to the writer’s opinion that it may be too cruel to snails. Although I understand that the ingredient composes of many components that are good for our skin, the way of obtaining snail is so humane. (Complex Sentence) Many cosmetics companies that make snail cream says the process is to mechanically stress snails to encourage slime secretion from the snails and then filtering the mucus multiple times to ensure purity before being packaged. However, it makes me to figure out what the process would actually be. They will put great amounts of snails at once and shake them to feel fear to make them secrete the mucus, because by doing so the companies could ensure maximum snail slime production so that there are always enough amount to be packaged and sold. (Complex Sentence)

I am not saying that the ingredient is not good for our skin so it is useless, because I am the one who purchased snail cream too. However, it is called ‘Happy Snail Cream’ from Beyond which doesn’t use real snails but use plants that create same ingredient named ‘mucus’. The production began to stand against animal cruelty and protect poor snails being distressed by human. If you are interested in the snail cream, I strongly recommend to use this Beyond cream instead to save snails.


Using snail slime in skincare sounds really weird to me, and I’m skeptical about its efficacy.

Skeptical (adjective) : disbelieving, leery

Korean Equivalent : 회의적인

Synonyms : doubtful, dubious, mistrustful

Antonyms :  believing, certain, definite

Personal Sentence : Just like the writer of the article, I feel skeptical about the snail cream.

Having being discovered by chance after Chilean snail farmers reportedly found their skin to heal quicker than normal with no scars after handling snails for sale in markets, the same Chilean farmers went on to launch Chilean snail slime products some 15 years ago.

Launch (verb)If a company launches a new product, it makes it available to the public.

Korean Equivalent : 개시하다

Synonyms : advance, open, begin

Antonyms :  close, hold, keep

Personal Sentence :  Many designers wish to launch their own shops.


One comment

  1. jiseon · 5월 23, 2015

    I thought Snail slime is good for skincare, but there was no proof! Also, I was shoked by the process of making cosmetics with snail…. That’s cruel.

    Liked by 1명

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