Top Five Eye Shadows for your Make-up

Top Five Eye Shadows for your Make-up

I think the biggest change of girls’ make-up when they become adults in Korea is in their eye makeup, that we become addicted with eye shadows!

I would like to introduce top five eye shadows that I actually have and used based on my own perspective to offer you good tips. 😉

5. Mono Eyes No.67 ‘Dear’



One of the most famous and best eye shadow series, the Mono Eyes from ARITAUM has so many beautiful eye shadows such as No.67 Dear. Above picture is from another blog and below one is what I took by myself, actually trying on my forearm. Dear has somewhat light nuddy brown color, so it is good for base eye shadow make-up! Also, If you want to give point to your bags under the eyes, Dear would be good because it shimmers suitably.

4. Look at My Eyes BR401 ‘In to My Heart’


Etude’s Look at My Eyes series also has many good eye shadows, that it’s cheaper than ARITAUM’s Mono Eyes series. BR401 ‘In to My Heart’ is also a famous eye shadow among the series. As you can see, it had dark brown color and it shimmers quite a lot. Therefore, if you want to make your eyes to look sexier or stronger, you can use it with several touches. Also, color comes out directly by a single touch, so I guess you could use this one shadow for a long time.

3. Pure Radiant Shadow No.6 ‘Classy Mood’

As you can infer from the name of it, four colors of this shadow box has calm colors. Also, the size of the whole shadows are not so big, so you can take this one shadow little box and manage whole daily eye make-up at once. Buying shadow box like this is a good way for people who are not so familiar with eye shadow, because it already offers steps and you can just follow! As you can see, four colors starting from upper left get darker and therefore you can just put them from lighter one. Whenever it’s hard for me to carry all eye shadows, I just take this one and my eye make up is done!

2. Mono Eyes No.97 ‘Modern Fatal’


Second Mono Eyes eye shadow in my top five list is ‘Modern Fatal’. As you can see, its color is not to strong, but has somewhat rosy brown color. Therefore, it is good when you want to look feminine and girlish! However, the color doesn’t really come out well by single touch, but that means you can use it for daily eye make-up. This shadow is what I enjoy putting on and use as daily eye make up with Dear and another Mono Eyes shadow named ‘Maxi’ because I like feminine make up. Therefore, I recommend this rosy brown eye shadow if you want to look more womanly and softer.

1. Mono Eyes No.50 ‘Cocktail Dress’


Finally, my favorite eye shadow is from ARITAUM, again Mono Eyes series ‘Cocktail Dress’! It is a pink color eye shadow and shimmers quite a lot. I like its color because it is one of  my best pink eye shadows and it is baby pink. This shadow is also perfect for spring make up! In addition, one more reason why  I chose this as the best eye shadow is that the color comes out really well by a single touch! Texture is also very soft, so I believe it would be good for eye makeup beginners too 😉



  1. Jenny Yoo · 5월 18, 2015

    Did you take pictures by yourself? 😀 It is nice to read about some make-up shadows 🙂 I personally use the Mono Eyes brand from Arittaum ^^ Thanks for sharing!


  2. jiseon · 5월 23, 2015

    Thank you for sharing information about eye shadow! I really needed this;)


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