Top Five Blog Posts

Top Five Blog Posts

from my blog partners and Mr. Daley 😉

This idea to make another top five list of blog posts that classmates have made is such a good idea, I think.

This opportunity allowed me to go over my partners’ posts again! 🙂


Coffee Culture – Aussie Coffee Culture in NYC – BreakThruTV [ep61]

from Jenny

For link, click here!

There are so many good posts in Jenny’s blog, but I chose this post as the most interesting one for me.

It is because even though I don’t drink coffee, I love cafes so it was very interesting for me to keep up with New York’s cafe trend. Also, I liked interior and mood of cafes that the video clip introduced such as Blue Bird cafe and Little Collins cafe. It really made me want to visit New York and coffee street again to try all the beverages in there!

I knew nothing about Australian coffee and how it is different from American coffee before I went through this post, but now I know about them. Especially the most interesting information from the video was about Australian unique coffee called ‘flat white’ and the ‘long black’. Though I don’t enjoy caffeine, it made me wish to taste those coffee!


My Top 5 favorite apps

by Jiseon

For link, click here!

This top five list offered me very useful information about smart phone applications!

Especially why I liked this post is because it was Jiseon who picked those apps in her top five list who is an university student just like me. Therefore, this list really helped me and was a good tip for me.

Three of the applications were what I already knew about, but since I did not really care about two of them, it made me to consider its utility again. Also, the fact that I was looking for useful photo editing application was a reason for choosing this post as one of my favorite. Jiseon picked an app named ‘Moldiv’ which is a photo editor as the best app, and I actually downloaded and am using it now. It is a good photo app as she recommended! 😉


Misbehaving Students Punished With Mozart
by Mr. Daley

For link, click here!

This post about an article professor thinks is interesting was also an interesting one for me, too. Maybe it is because music is one of my great passions!

This post is about a teacher who let his students to hear Mozart classical music during detention, and it reminded me about funny trend among teenagers in America before which was to torture their friends by making them to listen Justin Bieber’s songs. Of course, it is Mozart and so different. 😉

Also I liked what professor added more about real music torture used in CIA, it surprised me that the form of torture really existed. However, by imagining listening to same list of music 24 hours a day, I understand why CIA used the method. In addition, I learned not only physical way but also mental way to torture people can really annoy them.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, 2001

by Yena

For link, click here!

It is always very great and happy to visit Yena’s blog and see her posts because her passions which are sweets and movies are what I fancy too. Also, this post made me excited again because it is about Harry Potter which I love so much too!

I am such a great fan of Harry Potter that I have all the series books in Korean and English in my room and also have movie files too. I am so happy to live a time of Harry Potter and grow with actors in similar age. Also why this post is more special to me is because it’s about the first piece of Harry Potter series, the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Though she simply summarized the story and told about her feelings and love toward Harry Potter which did not really offer new information to me, just because I am also a big fan of Harry Potter it allowed me to choose it as my second favorite post. I want to talk more about Harry Potter in class with her! 😉


10 best film musics

by Yena

For link, click here!

Music and movies are my great passions, so when they are combined and become ost, I can’t just pass by. I don’t (or maybe can’t) even remember what main characters and actors were in movies but do always remember how and what the music pieces were in the movies. Therefore, there was no doubt for choosing Yena’s top ten best film musics!

What surprised and made me happy was that I know and love all the musics she picked. 🙂 She picked pieces of music such as Lost Stars in Begin Again which is quite recent and Reality in La Boum which was released in 1980. Well, my favorite one is He’s a Pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean since I am a great fan of the series and actually heard the music played by orchestra when I attended a middle school in US. That really touched me so much and made me to love the music and movie more.


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